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Gator Motorsport

VOSSEN Precision Series - VPS-309



Many forged wheel manufacturers utilize the simplest and most common machining techniques to increase production volume. This has resulted in an industry-wide uniformity of design features. The Vossen Forged: Precision Series, however, does not compromise its exclusive and complex features for manufacturing ease, resulting in the ultimate balances of form-and-function and style-and-performance.

Aesthetic simplicity being the guiding design principal, the Precision Series line features slender and elongated spokes. The characteristic 30-degree cuts reduce material, further slimming the spokes while adding unique detail.

The full-faced models are exceptions to the Precision Series vision, but utilize other features to minimize weight and maximize integrity. A lightening pocket resides behind the solid section of the VPS-312 and VPS-313, allowing for precision caliper clearance and deeper external concavity.

The signature feature of the Precision Series is the Infini-Li™ barrel, embodying simplistic elegance and purity of design. Without the utmost precision throughout the entire manufacturing process, a seamless and unobstructed transition from the wheel face to barrel would be impossible, making the Infini-Lip™ another exclusive design feature of the Vossen Forged: Precision Series.



To further showcase one’s individuality, we have specially crafted the finest and most exquisite finishes and colors in the wheel industry. We offer a near infinite number of solid and transparent finishes in hues we have tested in various lighting conditions to ensure they highest levels of intensity and quality.