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Elise S 2ZR-FE 4-1 manifold & catalyser

Elise S 2ZR-FE 4-1 manifold & catalyser

$ 1,560.16


The supercharged 1.8Ltr 2ZR uses the same manifold as the N/A 1.6Ltr 1ZR - that's not ideal. Take a look at the pic of the factory manifold alongside the new 2bular design. The supercharged car needs that larger-bore 4-1 to release some stunning gains over standard. Everything just works so much better - the engine operating temperature comes down and the power and torque figures go up!

The new 2bular 4-1 manifold uses our new 2-step / 3-stage design to maximise power AND torque. We always use proper merge-collectors to manage the gas-flow, and decrease any turbulence - all hand-fabricated/TIG-welded - it's a quality product with excellent performance gains.

If you track the car - it's a NOISY beast! We recommend you delete the catalyser altogether and fit the 2bular Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP). It's a zero-maintenance part, no packing required, as the high gas-speeds of the 2ZR would strip a normal silencer.

The 2bular 200cell Sports Cat is perfect for a road-going sportscar looking to meet any emissions tests and still improve gas-flow and performance.

There is no need to re-flash the ECU when you fit any of these components but there are serious gains to be made if you do.